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Rougaroux Sugarshine

September's Rum of the Month

Rougaroux Sugarshine


Deep in the heart of the Southern Louisiana Cajun country lurks a mysterious creature called the Rougaroux, (Roo ga roo). It lingers in the sugarcane fields, emerging only during the full moon to exact justice on the wicked, with its curse lasting 101 days. Their American Style 101 proof rum delivers monstrous power, with a bold molasses flavor and a lingering sweetness unique to sugarcane grown in

Louisiana. They start with sugar grown and milled from a family-owned farm just down the road from their distillery located in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Handcrafted each step of the way – from farm to bottle and cane to cocktail.



vanilla, yogurt, nuts, coconut



long, warming vanilla cream, banana frosting, nougat

Visit us at the Black Duck Bar for your complimentary pour.


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