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Palace Café is the official home of the New Orleans Rum Society (aka NORS) -- a spirited society dedicated to the appreciation of fine rums. The society hosts regular spirit events and tastings catered towards the rum enthusiast.

Membership is complimentary, and benefits include:

Invitations to rum events – A Rum "Passport" for members to record their tastes – Complimentary pour of the featured rum of the month – Opportunity to meet and sip with other rum enthusiasts – Master Taster Recognition with a plaque at Palace Cafe engraved with the names of members who have tasted the entire passport


September Rum of the Month | Bumbu XO

Bumbu XO is distilled and aged at a 120-year-old Panamanian distillery and proudly uses only local sugarcane and pure spring water.

Bumbu Rum Co.’s heritage dates to the 16th and 17th centuries when sailors and merchants, unsatisfied with their customary grog, added Caribbean fruits and spices to enhance their rum’s flavor, giving it the name “bumbu.”

The rum journey begins with a distinctive aroma of coffee, complemented by a subtle hint of citrus and a prominent presence of roasted nuts. There is a robust sherry influence reminiscent of the Pedro Ximenez style that permeates the bouquet. On the palate, the rum maintains its rich sherry character, along with the lingering taste of roasted nuts. The flavors of coffee and black tea take center stage, while the palate also boasts fruity undertones, notably red, macerated berries. The rum concludes with a soothing and pleasantly sweet finish, where the tea notes take precedence over the coffee. Abundant fruit notes linger on the back end, accompanied by subtle hints of spice and incense, which add depth and complexity to this exceptional and worthwhile rum.

New Orleans Rum Society Members, join us at the Black Duck Bar for your complimentary pour!