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Palace Café is the official home of the New Orleans Rum Society (aka NORS) -- a spirited society dedicated to the appreciation of fine rums. The society hosts regular spirit events and tastings catered towards the rum enthusiast.

Membership is complimentary, and benefits include:

Invitations to rum events – A Rum "Passport" for members to record their tastes – Complimentary pour of the featured rum of the month – Opportunity to meet and sip with other rum enthusiasts – Master Taster Recognition with a plaque at Palace Cafe engraved with the names of members who have tasted the entire passport


May Rum of the Month ~ Three Roll Estate White Rum

Louisiana’s single-estate distillery, Three Roll got its name from the three steel rolls used to crush the cane grown in the heart of the Louisiana delta.

Three Roll Estate is unique because it is one of the only single-estate distillery in the nation, which means they do their own farming, milling and distilling process.

The sugar products used to produce the spirits come from Three Roll’s parent company, located up the road in Pointe Coupee parish at Alma Plantation and Sugar Mill.

Bold and fragrant with a light body and full flavor, Three Roll Estate White Rum is bottled as it leaves the still, untouched by oak, unaltered by age with no sweeteners or additives.

New Orleans Rum Society Members, join us at the Black Duck Bar for your complimentary pour!